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A Guide On Cool Room Installation

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If you are in the food business, a commercial refrigerator is a must-have. However, have you considered a cool room? Below is all you need to know about cool rooms and their installation process. 

What Is A Cool Room? 

A cool room is an insulated room with a refrigeration system. The facility helps extend the shelf life of your perishables. Compared to the standard freezer, the cool room allows you to store more or larger items. For instance, you could hang a whole carcass without cutting it into pieces. Moreover, the cool room helps keep you organised. For example, you could use a labelling system to ensure you know how long you have stored each item. The cool room allows easy access since you can pick items from the shelves. Finally, the cool room is spacious, allowing free air circulation. Therefore, you do not have to worry about product spoilage caused by uneven temperatures. 

How Do You Install A Cool Room? 

You must consider your business needs when installing a cold room. For instance, what cold room size do you need? The general principle is evaluating your current and future storage needs. A small cool room could seem feasible and affordable at the moment. Nevertheless, what happens when your business grows in size? The thumb rule is to go for a larger cool room to prevent future expansion expenses. 

Where do you intend to locate the cool room? Several factors come into play when deciding where to install the cool room. First, consider accessibility. For instance, where will you take the frozen foods? If kitchen staff need to access the food, consider a cool room located close to the kitchen. Conversely, if you intend to ship the items out of the cool room, consider locations with easy access to trucks and warehousing staff. 

The cool room design must be functional and flexible. For instance, consider temporary or mobile shelving instead of permanent shelves. This way, you can easily remove the shelves when you need to hang items. You must also ensure ample aisle space. This way, your staff can easily retrieve items from the cool room. Besides, they can use carts and pallet jacks to carry items from the cool room. 

The best approach is to hire a professional HVAC installation company to install the cool room. The company brings in the much-required competence and experience. For instance, the professionals advise the best refrigeration system to install. Moreover, they offer routine maintenance and repairs.  

For more information about cool room installation, contact a local company.