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4 Steps To Get Your Vintage Glass Lamp Ready For A Move

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Because of their contoured shapes and delicate bearings, vintage glass lamps need extra care when packing. They are fragile and need to be properly packed when you're moving between houses. Here are some steps to help you get your vintage glass lamp ready for a move.

1. Plan And Bring Together Everything You Need To Pack The Lamp

Vintage glass lamps are naturally delicate because of their age and style. Make sure you have adequate materials to keep your lamp as safe as possible when it is placed in the removalist's truck. Make sure you have a box big enough to fit all components of the lamp with separators. This will help to keep the lamp base and shade apart. You'll also need to have tape, packing paper, bed sheets and bubble wrap.

2. Unscrew The Bulb And Disassemble The Lamp

First, remove the light bulb from the lampshade and set it aside. Light bulbs are even more delicate than lamps, so you could either leave it back in the house or pack it in its own separate box. Then you will need to disassemble the entire lamp by removing the lampshade. Bunch the power cord and wrap it around the lamp base so that the wire doesn't get damaged during the move. Tape the wire to the lamp base to keep it secure.

3. Wrap Lamp Base And Shade With Packing Paper And Bubble Wrap

Your next step is to wrap the base and shade with packing paper. Wrap them around in a few layers to pad them up as much as possible. Tape the packing paper at the ends so that it doesn't open up later. Then secure each item individually in bubble wrap and tape those ends together too.

4. Place Both Items Inside The Box

Crumble some bubble wrap and paper at the bottom of the box and place the lamp base inside first. Secure the lamp base by pushing packing paper into the empty areas to prevent it from moving when the truck is on its way. Then place a cardboard separator inside the box, followed by the packed lamp shade. Secure the shade by pushing packing paper into empty spaces to keep it from moving, just as you did with the base. Close the box and tape it shut. Then wrap the entire box in bubble wrap to keep your vintage lamp as safe as possible.

Keeping fragile items like vintage glass lamps safe during transport takes a little bit of extra consideration, but it's well worth it. For more information, contact your local removals company.