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Five Signs a Modular Cool Room Kit Is Right for You

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If you want to add a cool room to your business, you may be wondering if you should select a modular cool room that you put together yourself or hire a professional to build a cool room for you. There are advantages to both options. Here are five signs you may want to opt for a modular cool room:

1. You like to work with your hands.

Building a modular cool room is relatively easy. Essentially, the process of putting together a cool room consists of trimming panels, placing them together, adding rivets and screwing everything into place. To be successful, you also need to know how to use a square. If you like to work with your hands and have reasonable building acumen, you may love putting together your own cool room, but, if you hate to work with your hands, it's probably not the best project for you.

2. You have room to move around.

Putting together a modular cool room tends to be easier if you have a lot of room to move around. For example, adding a cool room in the middle of a large basement or storage area will be easier than adding a cool room to a relatively small space in an old pantry or the corner of your kitchen.

3. You have an insulated concrete floor.

If your facility has an insulated concrete floor, you don't need to add a floor to your cool room. For some people, this can make the construction process easier. As a result, if you have this type of flooring, you may want to consider a modular cool room.

4. You want to save money and reduce installation costs.

Typically, when you order a modular cool room kit, you receive the pieces you need, and you put them together yourself. In contrast, if you order a cool room from a cool room installer, they come to your facility and install the cool room for you. While the second option is more convenient, it can involve extra labour costs in most cases. As a result, if you are trying to save money, you may want to opt for a modular kit.

5. You know exactly what you need.

If you opt for a modular cool room, you simply measure the area and order the kit. If you need more guidance, you may want to work with a cool room installer. They can assess your situation and help guide you in the right direction.