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Turning Your Home Into a B and B? Here's Some Ideas on What to Do With Your Existing Storage Shed

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If you are turning your home into a bed and breakfast, you may be wondering what you should do with your storage shed. To integrate your old storage shed into your new business, there are several ideas you may want to consider. Check out these possibilities:

1. Personal Storage

As you are likely clearing out a lot of rooms to turn them into spaces for guests, you may end up not having enough room in your home for all your personal possessions. Your storage shed is the ideal solution. Take the old clothing, games, craft supplies and other items from your bedrooms and closets and pop them into the storage shed. If it is old or leaky, you may want to waterproof it or even replace it to ensure your stuff is safe.

2. Bicycle Storage

If you have plenty of room for your personal possessions, turn your storage shed into a spot where you can store items that will help draw boarders to your B and B. In particular, if your inn is in a cute little town with shops and restaurants in bicycling distance from your B and B, buy some single-speed cruisers and fill the shed with those. Then, add an air compressor, a few spare tyres and some tools to repair the bicycles. Finally, offer the bicycles as a perk to your guests.

3. Hunting and Fishing Supplies Storage

If your B and B tends to draw hunters or people who love to fish rather than bicyclists, consider turning the storage shed into a spot where you store supplies for hunting or fishing. Depending on how you set up your business, you may want to store equipment you own and lend to your guests, or you may want to store the gear that they bring.

Alternatively, turn the shed into a butchery or fish cleaning area. In that case, consider adding a new shed that works as an outdoor freezer. Then, your guests will have a spot to keep their game or fish chilled.

4. Extra Room  

You don't necessarily have to use your storage shed for storage. If you like, you could even convert it into another sleeping space and host guests in the shed. To make this possible, you'll basically have to convert the shed into a tiny home with running water, electricity, and fun little built-in bunks and a kitchenette.

For more ideas on what to do with your storage shed if you are turning your home into a B and B, talk with a storage shed expert.